The Artiststwistedink

Chris ‘the captain’ Hayeschris

About the captain, where do we start? born from the toe nail clippings of Zeus’s aunty Sandra… the captain is an experienced tattooist with great skills and knowledge in the industry at hand.

Like a transformer there’s more than meets the eye with the ‘captain’ and goes the extra mile for each and every customer, meet him and find out this beautiful creatures passion for the task ahead of him and embark upon a magical journey.

Jack Williams aka Mr. Jackjack

Mr. jack, born from the golden egg that appeared after a bolt of lightning striking salfordian grounds. Mr jack has a great understanding and passion for his job at hand as well as delicious set of skills enabling him to conjure up the beautifully magnificent pieces of art he creates today.

Mr jack also goes above and beyond for each and every customer, with a head filled with many ideas I’m certain he’ll create the perfect tattoo that suits you, lick his brain n taste the rainbow.